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What is a Flight Nanny?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

A flight nanny is a travel companion for your pets! Most often they use commercial flights to take your small cat, dog, or rabbit with them on the plane as a carryon. By flying airport to airport you can usually have your furry family member delivered same day.

flight nanny for puppies
Woodstock the Dachshund puppy

The flight nanny's job is to be a personal escort and travel buddy for your pet so they will have a stress-free and comfortable ride home to you. They will purchase the airfare for the flight and make a pet reservation with the airline. Commercial flights can only allow a certain amount of pets on board, so making a reservation in advance is important. For airport-to-airport travel the puppy or kitten will meet the flight nanny at the airport and then deliver to the family at the destination airport. Sometimes a flight nanny can also provide door-to-door service by picking up the pet up outside of the airport, flying to the destination, and then hand delivering to the customer's home. You have many ways to customize the trip to meet your travel needs.

Wildone spruce pet carrier on the plane
Pet carrier on the plane

Your pet will travel comfortably in an airline approved travel bag or pet

carrier. The bag will rest under the seat in front of the flight nanny as their carryon. FAA guidelines require your pet to remain inside their carrier for the duration of the flight. But not to worry; the flight nanny is there to tend to any needs they may have while in the air. Most pets will fall asleep as soon as the plane takes off.

Wildone spruce pet carrier
Pet Carrier under airline seat

So why would someone need to hire a flight nanny?

Flight service is great for new puppies, kitties, and bunnies that are coming home for the first time. Imagine waiting years on a waitlist for that perfect black labrador from a kennel across the country. You aren't able to drive the 2000 miles to pick him up yourself and so you hire a flight nanny to fly him home to you once he is 8 weeks old. This will save you DAYS of driving, time away from work/family, and all the expenses related to long-distance travel. You could fly yourself but you have never done it before and don't know all the airline policies. What type of carrier should you use to fit under the airline seats? What if your puppy cries or pees? Flying without a puppy can be stressful so you can't even image what it would be like if you had to be responsible for a little furry friend. That's where an experienced flight nanny comes in handy. They provide you a stress-free experience so all you have to do is show up to the airport to receive your bundle of joy.

Flight nanny puppy delivery at airport
Woodstock meeting her family at the airport.

Flight nannies also assist with family moves. Imagine that you have two cats that need to move with you from one state to another. You will be driving a uhaul with all of your belongings and have no space for two cats to travel with you. Not to mention how stressful moving already is! So instead, you hire a flight nanny to fly your cats to your family ahead of time. By the time you arrive with your uhaul, your cats will already be at your new home getting settled into their new life.

Is flight nanny service right for you? As a general rule, your pets will need to be at least 8 weeks old and under 20 lbs with the carrier in order to fly on commercial flights within the US. We encourage you to reach out to us here at PurplePup Pet Transportation so we can offer you a free consultation and transport quote for your next adoption or family move.

See you in the sky!

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