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PurplePup LLC

In-Cabin Flight Nanny

US Domestic Flights for pets under 20 lbs

Your small dog, cat or rabbit can fly safely in the cabin of a commercial plane with a flight nanny. 

pitbull puppy in a flight nanny bag at the airport
  • We offer custom pet transport quotes, not flat rates, so we can create a trip designed around your specific needs.

  • With travel insurance included, you will NOT pay extra for unexpected airline delays or cancellations. You can make your 75% deposit using any major credit or debit card once you complete the travel agreement. 

  • Our flight nannies fly confirmed flights, never standby, so you can rest assured your pet will have a guaranteed seat on a flight that fits your budget and your schedule.

  • All of the details will be taken care of and shared with you so you can joyfully await your delivery. You get picture updates of the whole adventure!

  • Hand delivery to your closest airport or to your front door within hours of departure. We fly to and from ANY airport.

How much does a flight nanny cost?

Our domestic in-cabin flight nanny services are based on airfare at the time of booking. Sometimes this is a round-trip flight and other times it may take us three flights to pickup and deliver and get back to our origin. We offer you a quote that covers all of our travel expenses, supplies, insurance, and our time. On average our service totals $1000-1500 for sameday airport to airport delivery. 

How does my puppy go to the bathroom?

We have a strict "no paws on the ground" policy when it come to puppy transportation. They will never touch the ground in public places and we avoid contact with other people and pets. The pet relief stations at airports are not intended for vulnerable puppies so instead we use the private family restrooms to put down a potty pad. Often times we carry a pop up tent so your puppy can have a clean and private space to do his business while we travel. 

Can you take two pets?

Yes! It is very possible to travel with multiple pets. Two small dogs or cats can travel in one pet carrier on some airlines. Other airlines allow us to purchase an additional seat to take two pet carriers. Sometimes we use multiple pet nannies to get all of your pets home on the same flight. 

What are the requirements to fly with my pet in-cabin?

All pets must be at least 8 weeks old and have a vet health certificate or CVI (certificate of veterinary inspection). We ask for a small baggie of food for the trip just in case we have delays. Most pets will need to be under 23 lbs and less than 13" tall from floor to back in order to fly comfortably inside of a soft pet carrier under the seat. 

Can you deliver to my home?

Yes! Ground pickup and home delivery are possible. Pricing is based on distance from the airport. Often times we can take a short taxi ride to you or rent a car for longer trips. We love to offer complete door-to-door pet transportation service when possible.

Can I travel with you?

Yes! We offer travel nanny services designed to accompany you and your pets on your flight. Sometimes you just need an extra hand or want the guidance of an experienced pet transporter to help you navigate your move. Let's chat about your dog transportation or cat transportation needs!

Flight Nanny Services

Avg $1000-1500
Includes airfare, pet fees, pet carrier, travel insurance, and nanny fee.
woodstock the dachschund puppy in a spruce wildone carryon bag
Spruce Wildone Bag under Southwest Airlines seat
Dachschund puppy delivery at the airport



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