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PurplePup LLC

PurplePup Ground

Long-distance ground pet transportation for family moves, seasonal transit and military relocation. We offer both private and shared ground pet transportation options for dog, cats, rabbits and more!

Newfoundland puppy in a transport kennel

How It Works


The Basics

  • Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old and weaned.

  • A health certificate issued by a vet within 10 days of travel

  • Door-to-door service unless otherwise negotiated.

  • We alternate staying in pet-friendly hotels, campsites, and rest areas depending on the needs of our passengers.

  • You get GPS tracking and daily photo updates.

Bulldog with orange harness in a parking lot


Shared Ground Tranport

  • Your pet will share the ride with two or three other pets. 

  • All passengers will travel in a crate that we can provide and will generally remain separate from other pets.

  • We can offer a two hour window for pickup and delivery.

  • Great option for crate-trained pets and if your dates/times are flexible.
Pet kennels in a minivan


Private Ground Transport

  • Your pet(s) will be the only passengers on board.

  • Crates are preferred, but we can also offer seatbelt harnesses for the right pet.

  • Have a vehicle that needs to move? Sometimes we can drive your car and your pets together.

  • Coast-to-coast in five days.

  • Great for pets with special needs, anxiety, aggression, or anyone needing express delivery.

German Shepherds in a minivan
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