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  • Do I need a health certificate?
    Yes, for any transport crossing state lines we like to have a health certificate issued by a vet within ten days of travel. This way we can feel confident we are delivering a happy, healthy pet. We accept the Aphis 7001 Form or a state CVI.
  • How early should I book my trip?
    We recommend 2-3 weeks in advance for air and 4-6 weeks for ground.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major debit and credit cards through a third-party processor. For short local deliveries we can accept Venmo or Zelle.
  • What about Insurance?
    We hold commercial pet insurance to protect your pet in the event of accident or injury.
  • Does my pet travel in a kennel?
    For shared rides, all passengers will travel in a plastic kennel that we can provide. If you choose a private ride we can provide a seatbelt harness instead. Cats will always travel in a crate large enough to hold a litter box.
  • What if my dog is aggressive towards other dogs?
    No problem! We have experience with dogs with anxiety, aggression, special diets, medication, you name it! Our private ground transportation is best in these circumstances so we can give them the very best care and attention.
  • Can large dogs travel by air?
    Most of our flight nanny services are for small pets under 20lbs. However, we may have some other options for you depending on your circumstances. We can assist you in finding suitable cargo options or coordinating a semi-private charter flight.
  • What happens if the flight is canceled or delayed?
    Delays happen sometimes! We will keep you updated along the way and make sure your pet is safe and comfortable. Travel insurance is included in our total price so you will not be held responsible for any additional expenses as a result of airline delays or cancellations.
  • Can you pickup from the breeder or deliver to my home?
    Absolutely! Most of the time we will meet your new pet at the airport but we are happy to arrange ground pickup and/or ground delivery if needed. We love it when we can offer you complete sameday door-to-door service.
  • Do you fly standby?
    Never! We would never want to risk having your pet sit around all day at the airport waiting for a flight. That is not fair to them or to you! We fly confirmed flights, meaning we purchase our airfare and have a confirmed seat and pet reservation on the flight we agree to before you book. This is all part of the joyful and stress-free experience we promise you.


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