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Cat With Blue Eyes

Cat Transportation

Accompanied Transportation for Cats

Organizing your family move is stressful enough. Figuring out how to get your cats clear across the country can feel even more daunting! I am certain you have countless questions about how to make it happen. Can cats fly in the cabin of the plane? Which airline allows cats in-cabin? What are the airline requirements for in-cabin cats? Is it safe for my cats to fly? What is the best pet carrier to use to fly my cat? How much does it cost to fly with my cat? What if I have more than one cat that needs to move? And on and on!!


Transporting your cat to your new home can be a challenging task. We know that cats can be sensitive to change, timid of new environments and hesitant around strange new people. A stressed kitty can lead to problems like vomiting, urinary infection, and aggressive behavior. But with our expertise, we'll ensure your cat's well-being throughout the entire process. We help you choose between ground or flight nanny options, offer the perfect pet carrier for the trip, and guide you step-by-step through the process. Learn more about our general pet nanny service options here.

The Safest Way to Travel

Our most popular option for cats traveling long distances or new kittens traveling to their forever homes is our flight nanny service for cats. When it comes to your cat transportation options this is by far the fastest and safest way to ensure your cat a quick and stress-free experience. One of our professional pet nannies will fly with your cat inside the cabin of the plan as a carryon and, in most circumstances, your cat is delivered same-day. No long roadtrips. No exposure to other pets. No scary cargo flights. 

We know most families never have just one cat! Good thing we have options to travel with multiple cats so everyone gets home at the same time. Sometimes they can share a pet carrier. Sometimes we can purchase an additional seat. Sometimes we use two air nannies. We can even offer ground pickup or delivery straight to your door if needed. We would love to offer you a custom quote that fits all of your specific needs.

Request your cat flight nanny here.

Our average flight nanny service for cats ranges from $1000-1500 for airport to airport service which includes all airfare, pet fees, travel insurance and our nanny fee.

Serious Cat

Do you fly standby or confirmed?

We believe your cat deserves a smooth and stress-free experience getting home to you. They should never have to sit around in the airport all day in their pet carrier just hoping they can get on a flight with an available seat. Plus, we value your time and would never want to leave you unsure of when your cat or kitten will arrive or have any doubts about who they are traveling with. For this reason, we only fly confirmed flights, never standby. You can read more about the dangers of standby flight nannies here and why we prefer to offer you a white glove delivery service.

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