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A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Puppy Flight Nanny

Congratulations on the new puppy!!! I know you have been on the waitlist for months, maybe even years, and now it is finally time to bring them home. That's where we come in. Once your puppy has been born and your breeder gives the a-okay to start making plans we would love to be a part of gotcha day. Our puppy flight nannies are stationed nationwide and ready to offer your puppy a calm and joyful journey into your arms. We fly sameday from all major US airports.

Click here to learn how our sameday flight nanny service works.

We can officially fly with puppies once they are 8 weeks old and weaned from their mama. In most cases they will need to be under 20 lbs in order to fly with us inside the cabin of the plane as a carryon. We recommend booking your flight with us at least 2-3 weeks in advance so we can offer you the best rates. Our pricing is based on airfare so the sooner you book the better! You can request your puppy flight nanny here.

General Requirements

How much does a puppy flight nanny cost?

Our average Flight Nanny Service costs $1000-1500 and includes all airfare, pet fees, travel insurance, and our nanny fee. We offer you a quote that will cover all expenses for our trip and provide you with a guaranteed delivery plan. Need a ground pickup from the breeder before the flight? Need hand delivery to your home after the flight? We can do it! Let us offer you a custom quote that considers your personal needs and the needs of your new puppy!

Two French Bulldogs
Black Pug

What about restricted breeds?

Yes! We can fly all brachycephalic breeds like french bulldog puppies, boxer puppies, pekingese puppies, pug puppies and boston terrier puppies. We can also fly with some large breeds like great dane puppies and bernese puppies as long as they meet the general requirements. Our flight nanny team has lots of experience with your special breed and knows how to keep them safe while flying home to you.

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