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Amanda McGee PurplePup LLC flying with Frenchie

How to become a flight nanny

This is the number one question I get in my inbox from curious animal lovers like yourself who never even knew that this was someone's job.

"Where was this option during career day?", they ask while sitting next to me on the plane. 

 "So people actually pay you to do this?" - Why yes they do. In fact, it is my full time job. 

I honestly had no idea that this would turn into a full blown business when I started transporting puppies locally in Cincinnati, Ohio during the summer of 2020. Getting into the business was a total accident and the best thing I never saw coming. You can watch this video on how I started my pet transport business. 

From ground transportation, flight nanny options came naturally. And it made so much sense to have an expedited option for small pets to help them get home same-day. You can watch this video to learn how I became a flight nanny for pets. Flight nannies not only help new puppies and kitties and bunnies get to their forever homes, but they also support families who are moving or on military relocation or simply need their pet to travel to a family member. We are the solution to all the anxiety filled questions about pet travel. We absorb the stress of travel and allow the family to wait joyfully for our arrival.

Now it is your turn to fly!

Now, I know you came here looking for flight nanny jobs. But I want to offer you something even more valuable. Truth be told, this kind of work is not intended for someone who just wants a JOB 😵‍💫. 


➡️ Truly succeeding in this industry requires a ton of research, collaboration, and being confident with the unexpected. Customers want to know YOU and the personal brand of service that you offer for their pet family. So instead of hiding behind someone else's brand I want to help you build your own. 

Here are the most common questions I get in my inbox:

  • How do I get started as a flight nanny? 🤔

  • How much do flight nannies make? 🤑

  • How do I find flight nanny clients? 😫

  • Can I really make a living as a pet nanny? 😍


I will answer all of these questions and show you what I did step-by-step to make this my full-time living. If you have a flexible lifestyle, you are business-minded, and you are ready to invest in your next career I am spilling all the tea inside my Flight Nanny PRO training program and community.

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