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Amanda McGee PurplePup LLC flying with Frenchie

How to become a flight nanny

This is the number one question I get in my inbox from curious animal lovers like yourself who never even knew that this was someone's job.

"Where was this option during career day?", they ask while sitting next to me on the plane. 

 "So people actually pay you to do this?" - Why yes they do.

In fact, it is my full time job. 

I honestly had no idea that this would turn into a full blown business when I started transporting puppies locally in Cincinnati, Ohio during the summer of 2020. Getting into the business was a total accident and the best thing I never saw coming. You can watch the video to the left to learn about my origin story. 

From ground transportation, flight nanny options came naturally. And it made so much sense to have an expedited option for small pets to help them get home same-day. Flight nannies not only help new puppies and kitties and bunnies get to their forever homes, but they also support families who are moving or on military relocation or simply need their pet to travel to a family member. We are the solution to all the anxiety filled questions about pet travel. We absorb the stress of travel and allow the family to wait joyfully for our arrival.

Amanda McGee PurplePup LLC with highland lynx

Now it is your turn to fly!

What if there was a way to escape the burdens of your 9-5 corporate job and instead use your energy to do some good?

What if you had a fulfilling career traveling with animals that replaced the hustle  of gig-work keeping you in a cycle of debt?

Why are you waiting for retirement to see the treasures of our beautiful country when you could be traveling with dogs and cats and rabbits and GETTING PAID to scratch off your bucket list?!

Maybe you are familiar with this career but you have no idea how to start a flight nanny business and you have lots of questions. I see your DMs and emails asking me how much does a flight nanny make? What does a flight nanny do? What is required to be a flight nanny for pets?

If you are curious about what it takes to become a pet nanny and you are ready to invest in a lifestyle that you love, I would like to connect with you.

I am in the early stages of creating a step-by-step FLIGHT NANNY COURSE to:

  • teach you the legal basics of commercial pet transport

  • illustrate how to set up your llc or sole proprietorship

  • guide you through the airline pet policies and my personal tips

  • show you how to book the best flights

  • offer you the best tools and supplies to make your job easier

  • teach you about basic pet care as guided by the USDA

  • share my contracts and invoicing tools

  • advise you where to find your clients and how to communicate with them


  • connect you with a supportive flight nanny community

  • offer fly-alongs to give you hands-on training and experience

  • access to a video based trouble-shooting guide and appendix

  • offer possible job opportunities to help your business grow

Does this sound like something you need?
Are you based in the US?

Are you ready to be your own boss and not an employee?
I am setting up informal conversations with people just like you to better understand how to structure this content to serve you best. I can't wait to hear your story and see how we can get you in the sky! -Amanda

I invite you to schedule a short zoom meeting with me so we can chat about your future as a flight nanny. 

*please note, we are not hiring employees and do not work with people who use flight benefits.

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