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Flying with Kittens

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

This kitten flew from Chicago to Austin with a flight nanny to meet her new family. Thank you to for trusting me with this sweetie-pie.

Ragdoll kitten

Customers often ask; “What happens if my kitten is crying on the plane?” “What if they are scared?” “What if they PEE?!”

My response; “It is not a problem. 💜 I make great efforts to keep your pet comfortable and safe during their trip. Some cats meow while flying but this actually lets me know they are alert and breathing well. If they are scared I will take time to give them some attention so they know they are not alone.

Kitten in a travel carrier

A warm blanket can help them relax a bit easier. Potty pads are usually placed under the blanket to help with any accidents. But cats very rarely urinate while traveling like this. You get updates from me throughout the trip with lots of photos. So if there is ever a concern about your pet’s health or safety you will know about it.”

This is one of my favorite pet carriers for kittens. This image links to an affiliate.

What other questions do you have about flying with cats? -Amanda

Kitten delivered at Airport

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