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Hop on Board: Rabbit Transport

We love traveling with your happity hoppity friends and we're here to make sure they reach their destinations safe and sound, whether it's a new home or an exciting move to another state! Along with dogs and cats, rabbits are some of our favorite travel companions. Holland lops, teddywidders, and angoras are common passengers and we love being their personal pet travel escorts.

purplepup rabbit flights


Rabbit Flights

Now, hold onto your carrots—did you know rabbits can actually fly on commercial flights within the US? That's right, these fluffy adventurers can jet-set with a "flight nanny" and be in your arms the very same day! It's a bit exclusive though, as only a handful of airlines allow bunnies to travel in the cabin as carry-on pets. This means limited routes, but, it beats sitting on a van in transit for days on end! There's a small fee from the airlines for this bunny VIP treatment, but trust us, it's totally worth it. Picture your little fluffball chilling in a soft pet carrier under the seat, getting all the attention they deserve throughout the flight. Some airlines only allow one pet per passenger while others might even allow a bunny brigade of up to four! By requesting a custom quote we can help you find the best flight options to your preferred destinations. If this is a new bunny coming home, sometimes it is possible to cost-share the trip with other families so you get speedy pet delivery that fits your budget.


Bunny Hops:

It is fairly common for rabbits to be transported across the country with many other rabbits on a “bunny hop”. Rates are on a “per hole” basis with the hole or cage designed to fit one adult rabbit or two or three bunnies from the same litter. They travel in wire bunny cages with wire bottoms for easy cleaning. These bulk rides can often carry other small animals like Guinee pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, and fancy mice. They will often meet at public places along the interstate so they quickly get back on the highway for their next delivery. The routes can vary quite a bit but they are an economical solution to get a new rabbit home to you, transferred to a new owner, or transported to a rabbit show. Here at PurplePup, we do not offer economy bunny hops but we might be able to refer you to a trusted partner.

rabbit transport van interior
Example: Bunny Hop
bunny hop route
Example: Bunny Hop Route

Rabbit VIPs:

Now, for those VIP bunnies who prefer a more tailored travel experience, we've got semi-private transport. Think of it as the express lane, where only a couple of furry pals share the journey. With express delivery, daily photo updates, and GPS tracking, it's like a luxury bunny getaway! We take the most direct route and often travel with rabbits from just one breeder so there is no chance of transferring contagious diseases or accidental breedings. These bunnies cruise in plastic pet carriers, munching on hay and treats, with constant access to water and when it's snooze time, they get to stretch their legs in a pop-n-play or a roomier pet crate. We are together the entire time so we your rabbit's wellbeing can always be monitored.

Let's not forget—the rabbit rules of travel. Bunnies are delicate souls, and travel stress is real for them. Loud noises? Sudden movements? Nope, they're not fans. They're picky about their hay and water, and keeping their temperature just right is a must. Oh, and don't get us started on Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHDV2). Wild or domestic, these furry friends can catch it if we're not super careful about pet travel hygiene. We keep all of these factors in mind so your bunny has the safest and most stress-free trip possible.

From high-flying adventures to bunny road trips and VIP travel, we've got your furry pals covered. Remember, whether they're traveling by air, road, or hopping around, their comfort and safety are our top priorities. Want to learn more about rabbit flight nanny services or semi-private ground transportation for your rabbit? You can request a custom quote so we can offer you our very best rabbit transport options.

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