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Private Ground Transportation for your VIP (Very Important Pet)



Pets are cherished members of the family and their comfort and safety during travel should be of utmost importance. At PurplePup Pet Transportation, we understand the significance of providing a seamless and stress-free journey for your furry companions. While various modes of pet transportation exist, our private ground transportation services stand out as the epitome of luxury, ensuring that your pets receive the elite treatment they deserve.


Benefits of Private Ground Transportation:


1. Tailored Comfort:

   Private ground pet transportation offers a level of comfort that goes above and beyond traditional pet travel options. We provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of your pet, ensuring a stress-free and comfortable journey. Is your dog anxious in the vehicle? Do they have special medications or food that require refrigeration? Do they need extra outdoor exercise? We have experience with all of these special circumstances and will tailor our road-trip to fit all of their needs and behaviors. Our long distance pet transport options are especially designed for efficient coast-to-coast pet transport or trips to a neighboring state.


2. Personalized Attention:

   Unlike shared transport services with five plus pets on board, our private ground pet transportation service guarantees personalized attention for your pet throughout the entire journey. We are dedicated to catering exclusively to your pet's needs, creating a bond that eases any anxiety your furry friend may feel during travel. We take our time at pickup so your dog or cat has a chance to build trust. We talk through their eating habits, likes and dislikes, how they react around other people or animals, and general things to know about their personality. You have constant access to us, the drivers, through GPS tracking and daily photos and videos of our pet roadtrip.


3. Reduced Stress and Anxiety:

   Traveling can be a stressful experience for pets, with new environments, sounds, and smells causing anxiety. PurplePup’s private ground transportation minimizes these stressors by eliminating the need for multiple stops and transfers. This reduces the overall travel time and ensures a more relaxed journey for your pet. Private ground transport is 15% faster than traditional shared rides. Two-driver express trips are 50% faster than standard economy pet shipping. While speedy delivery can sometimes be helpful, some pets do better with a good rest at the end of the day. Did you know that most dogs cannot completely relax while the car is moving? For these pets, having a good overnight break outside of the vehicle and in a pet friendly hotel is the key to keeping them happy and stress-free.


4. Airport Transfers and International Connections:

   For families making connections to or from the United States at major international airports, you may find that your flight options are limited domestically. This is where our elite pet transport option comes in handy. We dedicate our schedule exclusively to the needs of your arrival or departure and make sure your pets are able to meet you on time and stress-free. We can pickup your pets from customs when you arrive and drive them to their final US destination. This also works if you have a major international flight to catch out of the country and need you pet to meet you at JFK, Dulles, LAX or Sea-Tac for example. We know how important your timeline is for these trips and our private executive pet transport option is best to fit your needs.


5. Family Moves and Military Relocations:

    No family move would be complete without your furry family members. We can assist families with multiple pets who are moving coast-to-coast or anywhere in between. Have a vehicle that needs to move as well? Sometimes we can drive your car and your pets to help you save on your overall shipping costs. Did you know the military is now offering compensation for military families who need to ship their pets? Their reimbursement program allows you to find the best pet transportation company for your needs without breaking your budget.



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You have so many options when it come to choosing a reputable and well-reviewed pet transport company for your dogs, cats, and rabbits. They are your family and you want what is best for them. Request your free pet transport quote and let’s schedule a phone call to talk more about your specific needs and how we can customize our private pet transportation service to get your pets home today!

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