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PurplePup Flights

Professional and compassionate flight nannies ready

nationwide to travel with your pets

Happy Puppy

For pets under 20lbs

Your pets under 20 lbs fly with a trusted Flight Nanny companion in-cabin on a commercial flight anywhere in the USA including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In-cabin flight nanny services are possible for dogs, cats, rabbits and domestic birds.


Semi-Private Pet Charter

For well behaved dogs over 20lbs

A solution for dogs too large to fly on commercial flights. We fly with your dog on a shared private regional jet. Routes are limited but we would love to talk with you to see if your location qualifies.

Man on Wheelchair

Pet Travel Nanny

When you just need an extra hand!

We fly with YOU and your pets so you never have to be separated. Let us take the stress of flying off of your shoulders. While our focus is on pets, we also want to provide you with the assistance you need to make your next move seamless and stress-free.

Vacation Pet Nanny

The best combination of pet travel and pet sitting.

Let us join you on your next vacation so you don't have to leave your loved ones behind. We will be your pet's personal companion while you travel.

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